So Much Design

Since 1998, I’ve worked with (and for) small to medium-sized companies - public TV, The Nashville Network, Group W Satellite, a couple of ad agencies, Canadair Jet marketing to a retail high-end pet product company, small business services, an international tradeshow company, and several not-for-profit services. I've been blessed in that my design career has allowed me to be continuously creative.

I started in traditional marketing, which I enjoyed while working in both broadcast and cable TV while studying communications at Fairfield University. I began to veer toward the design area of my career and eventually let the artistic side take over. I finished my college education in fine arts, receiving a BFA from UConn and an MFA from University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA. Being in love with learning, I've expanded my education with additional work in web design and creative writing.

From identity, to web design to illustration, I can help your business in the most creative and cost-effective ways possible.


Fine Art


That's right, not all I do is virtual, digital, or computer-generated. I can't help but get my hands dirty, too. I'm a mixed media artist, working generally in collage, oil paints, acrylic paints and I love to do printmaking as well. On the weekends I'm in my studio creating and having fun.







What this label signifies

To become a Google Adwords Professional, one needs to study and understand the Adwords courses (offered online), take a timed, lengthy test and pass - and most important, keep up-to-date on the changes in pay-per-click advertising.