Social Media

My marketing and design background has lead me to social media marketing, of which I’m now a full-fledged junkie.

While traditional marketing is still at the core of a successful campaign, the immediacy and interactive engagement of social media heightens the thrill of my marketing-oriented life.

There are a variety of social media tactics that can help you round out your marketing plans. Just a few include the following.

Blog Writing and Set Up

Blogs are popular for a variety of reasons, mostly because people like to enter into the realm of what another person is thinking. How do they REALLY feel about that new gadget or what was it like to stay in Hotel Fun Resort? They want the skinny. Or they enjoy the latest behind-the-scenes news, the real “how-to” or a more personal sounding point of view. Corporate-speak is everywhere, but real-people speak is found in blogs. Some blogs offer useful advice and information.

Blogs are helpful for your company in several ways. They can help increase traffic to your site, offer reviews of your products (with links back to your site), increase awareness for your product or service, or help to answer questions people may have about your company, product or service.

Blog services I provide:

Examples of blogs I write for, specifically for SEO purposes, include:

As a ghost-blogger, I’ve written for an entertainment complex, a newly-developed candy bar, a line of tee-shirts (very popular now), gambling & gaming venues and a trend-setting site. Pricing ranging from per-post costs (with links, images and keyword optimization) to weekly or monthly costs.

Twitter or Micro-blogging

Twitter, Jaiku, Pownce and Tumblr are all sites that host micro-blogging. Micro-blogging is a form of blogging where users write brief text updates and publish them. The micro-bloggers usually has a group of followers who can view the mini-posts and often re-blog the info (depending on the type of message). The posts often contain links to websites, photos, or videos and can be informative, entertaining, funny, etc.

Micro-blogging, especially the Number #1 “Twitter” is effective as a component to a marketing campaign. It’s an additional way of reaching a targeted audience with fun, cool or interesting information – and getting a response. It should be a part of a viral campaign without having to use heavy-handed promotion.

Article Writing

There are many article writing and submission companies nowadays. But when you need highly selective and personalized service, you need to work with a real person. Article writing is an especially great way to get more eyeballs at your website. I write highly-customized keywords optimized articles about your product, service or area of expertise. I then have the article(s) published on other high-ranking websites – always with a link pointing back to your website. Article writing and submission is valuable because it:

  1. increases your website’s search engine ranking (called page rank)
  2. helps to increase awareness of your website
  3. helps to build your brand
  4. increases the relevant traffic and qualified visitors to your website
  5. and if you have the right landing page, increases revenue for your company

Examples of article writing:

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Google Adwords ProfessionalPay per click (PPC) is advertising on relevant websites. Your ad – whether its a text ad, image ad or video ad, appears on relevant sites. This is a cost-effective mode of advertising your website to like-minded folks. You pay only for the clicks your ads get. And you set the budget that works best for you.

I can set up your Google Adwords PPC campaign, monitor it, customize and tweak the ad campaign daily/weekly/monthly. You can choose to spend as little as $50 a month or thousands per month – it’s up to you and your campaign goals. With we’ve seen an increase in awareness – from an average of 300 views per month to over 2000 views in a week – mostly visits from the Pay Per Click ads (about 15% of views came from posted articles and blog posts).

Find out how you can get Pay-Per-Click ads running.